Amino Acid
      40%Compound Amino Acid(Vegetal)
      40% Compound Amino Acid(Animal)
      80% Compound Amino Acid
      Amino Acid Chelate-Cu
      Amino Acid Chelate-Fe
      Amino Acid Chelate-Zn
      Amino Acid Chelate-Ca
      Amino Acid Chelate-Mg
      Amino Acid Chelate-Se
      Amino Acid Chelate-Ch
      Amino Acid Chelate-B
      Amino Acid Chelate-Mo
      multi-microelements amino acid
      multi-microelements amino acid 2
      Bio-Amino Acid Liquid
      60% Compound Amino Acid
      75% Compound Amino Acid

As the basic composite of protein,amino-acid is widely used in food,medicine, daily-use chemical industry, agriculture, metallurgy,environmental protection,light industry and bio-engineering. In terms of agriculture,amino-acid can serve as an additive for biological fertilizer,foliar fertilizer,organic fertilizer and bio-pesticide, which can promote the crops'growth,character and metabolic function.

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