Seaweed Extract
      Fermented Liquid Seaweed Extract
      Seaweed+Amino Acid
      Sodium Alginate
      Soluble Seaweed Extract
      rooting more-seaweed root growth promoter
                                                                          rooting more
                                                            seaweed root growth promoter
Physical chaeracteristics:
Appearance:Dark brown liquid
Usage:For agriculture and horticulture and turf
Storage:stored in a dry,shaded,and well-ventilated area.
Compatibility:it is compatible with majorities of plant protection products and fertilizers.But when interaction of chemicals is not clear,a compatibility test should be done in a standard jar.
Rooting more is beased on concentrated seaweed extract and strengthened with natural plant hormones,which especially designed for pronoting roots emergence and growth.
Promote the formation of benefical chemical and physical condition for root zone.
Helpful for seed germination and root emergence.
Promote root elongation and thickening,enlarge root zone.
Increase uptake capability of root for other beneficial nutrients.
Effective ingredients:
seaweed extract=100G/L,organic matter=200G/L,nitrogen=0.4G/L,P2O5=12G/L,K2O=30g/L,natural PGR
Recommending applications:
seed soaking:
Dilute to 1:500,The soaking time varies from 12 hours to 24 hours with the thickness of seeds skin,hygroscopic capacity of seeds and the surrounding temperature.The suitable temperature for seeds soaking is about 20 ?.
Cutting Dipping:
Dilute to 1:500,plant as soon as possible after dipping.
Rooting dipping:
Dilute to 1:1000,plant as soon as possible after dipping.

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