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Humic acid fertilizer use
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Such fertilizer is a kind of humic substances of humic acid containing the new fertilizers. The main kinds of humic acid, nitric humic acid and purification of humic acid products, before both with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements fertilizer, mainly used for huma made by furrow. Mainly used for water purification of humic acid or spray crops, as growth regulator. Also used as seed germination, and can improve the seedling.

1 Usage.

(1) Application. With humic acid 0.02% per solution of 0.05% ~ 300 to 400 kilograms and livestock mix, or open ditch, digging with. Paddy soil water can be combined into.

(2). Seedling stage and heading stage, with humic acid per 0.01% ~ 0.1% 250 kilograms in aqueous solution, not contact (root) near the root of humic acid sodium, potassium, can follow or humic acid water or spilled pouring, miao, zhuang, promotion of growth.

(3) The root spray. Yang flower go later stage, the root and grouting, spraying 23 times per spraying containing humic acid (0.01% ~ 0.05% ~ 75 kilograms, aqueous 50 can make full grain weight increases, reduce air flat rate. In afternoon 2 ~ 6 when spraying as well.

(4) Soaked. With humic acid (0.01% ~ 0.05% solution soaking seeds, vegetables, wheat seeds leaching 5 ~ 10 hours, rice, cotton leaching 24 hours above. Can improve sprout rate, root seedlings, enhance ability.

(5)Root seedlings, dip in plants. Rice, sweet potatoes, vegetables, transplanting crops, transplanting of 0.05% ~ 0.1% before use, humic acid potassium sodium humic acid leaching solution for several hours, or root transplanting fails when, immerse dip fruit cuttings. Quick, increase root, shorten the slow lifting, increase the survival rate.

2. Note.

Humic acid fertilizer application, seeds, according to better to give than broadcasting, deep shallow well. Joash than Corrosion and inorganic fertilizer fertilizer cannot replace completely and livestock, chemical fertilizer, organic fertilizer must cooperate with phosphate application, especially with better use. All kinds of different materials, corrosion ihan fertilizer manufacturing method is different, the nutrient content difference, in applying to grasp the appropriate concentration.

Humic acid sodium, potassium fertilizer, should pay attention to the hormonal response after cold temperature, slow, hot days commonly, rapid temperature in 18 hours or more effective. If the temperature than 38 degrees Celsius, will accelerate the respiration reduce crop losses caused by dry matter accumulation, and shall cease to use or reduce the number of application and dosage.  

Corruption ammonium fertilizer only soil moisture, irrigation, fully play good effectiveness.

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