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Global fertilizer consumption will be dropped 2.2%
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   International fertilizer industry association released report, due to the economic environment and farmers to increase risk of consciousness cast fertilizer, 2008-2009 fertilizer, global fertilizer consumption will drop to 1.65 million tons, 2.2%.
   The first half of 2008, agricultural prices, many Asian countries on supporting agricultural policy, make 2007 ~ 2008 global fertilizer consumption increases. Global demand, estimated growth 1.687 4.7 million SheChun (the same below). Fertilizer consumption, estimates that potash, 6.3 percent increased more than nitrogen and phosphate (4.9) increased (by 2.8 percent). Latin America fertilizer requirements appeared as a substantial growth (13.4), followed by western and central (order is increased 8.7%), eastern Europe and central Asia (8.6%), increase in east Asia (increase) and South Asia (improved) increased 4.7%. Australia has not changed, but the demand, north Africa, reduce 2.0% reduced 1.5%, josiah reduced 6.3%.
   The second half of 2008, due to the global economic slowdown, 2008-2009, global fertilizer consumption will drop to 1.65 million tons, 2.2%. Including nitrogen consumption will moderate growth (0.5), but the increase of p and k demand will be reduced to 4.7% and 8.2 per cent. The 2008-2009, is expected to increase (only south central and eastern Europe 4.0%) increased (3.5%) these two areas increased demand for fertilizers. Western Europe and is expected to be 8.6% reduction, will reduce 8.3, Latin America will reduce 6.4%, JianFu larger. East Asia will reduce 2.5%, North America, Africa will reduce 1.0% will reduce JianFu 0.6%, smaller.
   Expected, fertilizer requirements during the first half of 2009, but probably reduce half may rise. By 2010, the global environment first will improve. 2009-2010 year global demand is expected to recover gradually fertilizer, is expected to increase the speed of 3.5%, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer rate three basic and same.
   A few years ago, the prediction of similar datum year (2005-2008-2009 - average data) by most of the fertilizer fertilizer between annual demand growth will come from South Asia, which provides and south and east Asia will is for 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 year fertilizer increased demand. Farmers are using maximizing efficiency first consideration when buying writes products. Yields and prices of the fertilizer fertilizer affected farmers, especially p and k. Due to many countries farmers are expected to further price falls, fertilizer, they delayed purchase fertilizer.
   And, because of the input and output exist great uncertainty, so they are more willing to less fertilizer. In addition, the credit risk is that the negative effect. But India, as the country farmers have except government subsidies, they do not suffer fertilizer and fluctuations in the price of crops. There are positive factors of fertilizer market. The fao official said recently, agricultural commodities, if still in low stock prices will rebound, rapid economic rise again. The agricultural commodities prices have soared in early 2007, partly because stock very low.
   But the global economic crisis deepened in the past few months prices fell sharply. Biofuel demand in a period of time for agricultural commodities prices will have important influence.

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