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Drought conditions fertilization
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On basis of scientific fertilization, fertilization should consider when applied to the climate. With the growth of plants in the climate conditions, including precipitation, temperature and light, they grow and absorbing nutrients and efficiency of conversion efficiency of different nutrient elements have significant influence. Water is one of the necessary conditions of life crops, it can adjust soil water and fertilizer, gas and heat condition, the influence of nutrients from the soil and crop efficacy nutrient absorption ability. The growth of crop drought and crop nutrient absorption and utilization of the process, make fertilizer to reach the ideal effect, therefore, in drought condition, should reduce fertilization amount and one-time basal use.

Drought is the main crop production in production factor, adversity encountered when the drought, water can be combined with adequate fertilizer to crop growth. Research results show that the amount of fertilizer under drought condition to promote crop growth development function mainly in the following aspects:

1 To improve soil water use efficiency. Drought conditions apply nitrogen can improve the effectiveness of soil water diversion "fat", the part of the original plant growth on the water become invalid, make plant can absorb the moisture, using more in a certain extent of crop drought relief.

2 Promote crop growth. Drought conditions apply nitrogen can promote crop growth, effective compensation under drought condition of plant leaf area, reduce adverse effects, slow stretch as dry matter accumulation to promote formation.

3 To improve plant physiology function. When the crops by drought stress, plant to mobilize the defense system of water resistance. Adequate potassium fertilizer can effectively slowing of plant cell membrane water damage degree, thereby significantly improve the ability of drought-resistance of.

Drought conditions fertilization principle

1 A plant shoulds not be too big. If one-time fertilizer during drought, when the rain after drought meet to make the fat were washed away. This will not only give farmers, also caused economic losses of environmental pollution. Therefore, should combine irrigation times fertilization.

2 Fertilizer deep water, with fat. In dry circumstance, if only the fat in surface, fertilizer volatile. If after drought, flood in heavy rain washed away easily. So should try deep fertilizer and water pressure after the opportune time to keep the fertilizer fertilizer.

3 Notice reasonable collocation, particularly potash fertilizer, PengFei. Many research data show that potassium ion can adjust the protoplasm colloid character, make water can smoothly into cells, strengthen the ability to hold water; the cells, Proper nutrition can improve potassium ratio, enhance the ability of water than the crops, Drought conditions, appropriate potassium nutrition can promote proline accumulation, adjust the cytoplasm turgor pressure to strengthen drought resistance, K nutrition can also through the adjustment of stomatal movement to reduce water loss and soil water utilization. In addition, to induce crop drought of boron, especially the peanuts, growing trees, rape, etc.

Therefore, under drought condition, should pay attention to boron fertilizer and adequate potassium fertilizer application.


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