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Water flush fertilizer
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Water flush fertilizer, it is a kind of according to the manner. Practice is the solid quick-acting chemicals soluble in water and fertilizer fertilization in way of water. With water-soluble fertilizer fertilization usually is mainly nitrogen and potassium, both water-soluble, through the combination of water soluble potassium, nitrogen nutrient infiltration of soil and crop root absorbed. Fertilization, and irrigation is fertigation mode can be irrigated and flooding, also including drip irrigation. In some places, even with the extensive management.the one to fertilizer. The waters of the one way of nitrogen fertilizer easily cause large losses, but also make water utilization.

Water flush fertilizer mainly in vegetable growth, according to the season with vigorous trellis and widely used in vegetable production. Because of the fertilizer fertilization faster, general rushed after 2 ~ 5 days will be effective, reflected in the leaves and plant height change significantly, very accord with some others, therefore, the growers psychological fertilization develops very quickly in recent years, to be used extensively, besides, the other economic crops and vegetables.

Thus, a large number of small also stimulates the ammonium nitrate fertilizer etc packing, listed. The aim is not only to fertilize crops yield, exquisite comprehensive benefits. To master the techniques and fertilization under four main attention:

1 The correct choice of fertilizer. Only with water soluble fertilizer application only. In ammonia nitrogen used in urea and ammonium, sulfur and ammonium nitrate, Potassium sulfate and potassium in, usable also run, But even the soluble phosphate in ammonium and diammonium a, also don't rush, its reason is very poor mobility phosphate after dissolving, easy is fixed, not with water into root layer.

2 Water flush fertilizer of single component must be standard. In high vegetable planting in the pure nitrogen, dosage should be controlled in 2 ~ 4 kilograms/mu, especially the nitrate nitrogen to control in 2 ~ 3 kg/acre, a finite number of times below potash caustic potash (2-4 in general)kg / mu. Otherwise, the nutrient loss, reduce waste and utilization, and can cause water pollution. The whole growth period of fertilization general with two advisable.

3 Water flush fertilizer period of growth in the crops. Such as fruit picking fruits in full, after blunt: And if the packet, cabbage planting in heart, choose the temperature drops, soil mineralization, but also a vegetable crops growth advisable.

4 Irrigation water control. One way to prevent water flooding, economize, deep and water to prevent soluble in water, suitable for the nutrient loss with water.

Fertilization fertilizer fast, but if the pursuit of the apparent effect, regardless of the cost of using nitrogen, one-sided, abuse of fertilization, will result in quality, moderate growth, vegetables, fertilizer utilization of soil properties.

In the application of fertilization, there are all kinds of misleading, for example, the granular high-analysis compound fertilizer someone broke to go after blunt: Someone has put compost insoluble solids or probiotics organic fertilizer to rush, as these are not appropriate.

There are several fertilizer don't rush, 1 don't rush phosphorus fertilizer, 2 don't rush nitrogen fertilizer, granular solid organic fertilizer, 3 don't rush probiotics fertilizer.


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